chugplugThe ChugPlug from LENMAR happens to be described as the world’s first truly external portable power pack for MacBook computers, where it debuted at CES earlier this January in Las Vegas. We are glad to say that the LENMAR ChugPlug portable power pack and battery charger is now available for purchase, where it has been specially designed for the MacBook Air as well as the 13” MacBook Pro.

MacBook users have apparently been on the lookout for a true portable power solution for some time, where having a great looking unibody styling is not going to automatically increase battery life, which is why the LENMAR ChugPlug exists at this point in time. With the ChugPlug, the 13” MacBook Pro notebook would be able to continue functioning for another three hours or so, while those who prefer to get their work done with the MacBook Air will be able to enjoy another four hours of productivity.

Specially designed to feature a similar height as well as width of Apple’s 60-Watt MagSafe power adapter, the ChugPlug will be able to hook up to the MacBook power adapter in order to guarantee a secure fit. Those who are interested will be able to place a $159.99 pre-order for this accessory, and shipping is set to commence from the middle of this month onward. [Press Release]

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