mac pro shippingThe latest Mac Pro sports a pretty interesting design and it also is a change from Apple’s typically production habits which involves other countries such as China who will be responsible for putting the computer together. Instead Apple has tapped local factories to help produce the Mac Pro and ever since the computer has launched, there have been numerous delays.

We’re not sure if it’s either because demand of the computer has way exceeded Apple’s estimations, thus the delay, or if it could be the US-based production facility that is still catching up to speed on the quantity and yields that Apple demands, but the good news is that it looks like those delays are starting to catch up to demand.

According to the online Apple Store, they have listed the Mac Pro as having its shipping time estimated to be between 3-5 weeks. Granted this is still a pretty long wait but it’s still a huge improvement compared to before where users have to wait a month or two in order to get their computer.

Hopefully over time we will see the delays lessen and start seeing the orders shipped in a more timely manner, but for now we guess a 3-5 week wait will have to do. If you’re looking to place your order, you’d probably want to do it soon, just in case the shipping times slip again. It should be noted that the estimated time applies to all configurations, so fret not.

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