texting-smartsWe have learnt time and time again that the things we post and say digitally can never be taken back, as much as many of us would love to. What this means is that the next time you decide to send a text message, post a tweet, update your Facebook status, you might want to think twice because you never know when it’s going to come back and bite you.

One man learnt this the hard way when he decided to end things with his fiancee via text message. According to Buffalo News, the man tried to calm his fiancee down by placating her, sending her a message which read, “Plus you get a $50,000 parting ring. Enough for a down payment on a house.”

What the man failed to realized is that under New York state law, the men are allowed to legally ask for the engagement ring back if a wedding does not take place. Unfortunately by sending that text message, it basically implied that he was giving his fiancee the ring as a parting gift, which meant that he was not allowed to ask for it back legally.

According to the judge presiding over the case, “The text messages … have persuaded this court that it is highly probable that a valid gift was given to her after the engagement was terminated.” Ouch, that had to be a very expensive lesson!

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