Sometimes fans of games do a pretty good job at recreating the game, whether it be in another medium, creating a cosplay costume, filming a fanmade movie, and etc. For those who are fans of either (or possibly both) Grand Theft Auto V and Metal Gear Solid V, you might be interested to learn that a group of Japanese gamers have come together and re-created the entire Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s 10 minute trailer using Grand Theft Auto V.

The result is pretty epic as for the most part, they have attempted to replicate every scene as close to the original as possible. In some cases it just wasn’t possible and the results are hilarious, but otherwise we reckon that they did a pretty good job. Not to mention that this isn’t your standard trailer which runs for a minute or two, but for ten minutes, which is an impressive feat alone.

Of course the graphics cannot be compared as Metal Gear Solid V uses Konami’s Fox Engine which is breathtakingly beautiful, but we guess it’s the content that matters, not just the graphics. The Phantom Pain has yet to be released and at this point in time, it has been speculated that it will most likely see a release in 2015, and this fanmade trailer certainly does a good job at hyping it up. In any case if you have 10 minutes to spare, you can check out the trailer in the video above.

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