Microsoft has said that the Twitch app has “played a big role” in increasing usage of its latest console, the Xbox One. The app was updated with support for Twitch gameplay streaming on March 11th. It was revealed today that since the launch almost 23 million minutes have been broadcasted from Twitch on Xbox One. Microsoft said that 2.7 million minutes were broadcast on the launch day itself, the highest for a Twitch console app on its first day.

On its first day, 30 percent of all Twitch unique broadcasters were using the service through Microsoft’s console. Over 22 percent of Twitch’s total unique broadcaster count came from the Xbox One, as more than 108,000 users broadcasted through the Xbox One in the first week after launch.

Microsoft didn’t pass up the opportunity to take a swipe at PlayStation 4, claiming that it took “another console a month to achieve what the Twitch app on Xbox One did it its first week.” Though it merits mentioning here that Twitch streaming for Xbox One came almost four months after the console’s release, whereas it was launched the very day that PS4 was released.

Average broadcast time through Twitch on Xbox One hovers around 28 minutes. Microsoft also revealed that Xbox Live members spend an average of five hours every day “exploring apps, playing games and watching TV on Xbox One.”

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