Nokia was recently acquired by Microsoft just last week. The acquisition was announced back in 2013 but it was only recently that the deal officially closed, which saw Nokia’s cellphone division being transferred over to Microsoft. Perhaps to celebrate their new owner and to remind everyone that they’re still around, Nokia has recently released a YouTube video in which they talk about the Lumia series of handsets and tablets.

The video is titled “Not Like Everyone Else” and it seems to us that Microsoft is trying to position Nokia in a unique way and not like every other smartphone OEM out there. For starters the video highlights the different color options of the Lumia series of handsets, which unlike iPhones and Android devices, is pretty colorful and bright, versus darker colors which might give off a serious and possibly boring vibe.

Will this be enough to set Nokia apart from the competition? In some cases yes. For example a recent report has suggested that Windows Phone has managed to overtake BlackBerry in the US, thus cementing its third position for now. At the same time the Windows Phone platform isn’t as hot as it once was over in certain markets like Europe.

In any case with Microsoft’s backing and with the latest update of Windows Phone 8.1 expected to see a release in the near future, here’s hoping that Microsoft will be able to take the Nokia brand and make something good happen in a big way.

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