how-to-remove-adwareBack in the day, installation of software was pretty straightforward. You’d download the installer, agree to the terms, click next, click next again, press finish, and you’re done. Nowadays developers have gotten a bit more cunning and have slipped in toolbar installations and whatnot in their installers.

For those who don’t check the process carefully, they will end up with a ton of different toolbars and services on their computers without knowing where they came from. Apparently Microsoft has had enough of this and starting this summer, the company plans on doing something about adware being installed onto computers.

Microsoft will accomplish this through a new algorithm in its security features by blocking ads that popup. However this only applied if the particular program forces ads to popup, but ads within programs itself will be allowed since this is how some developers make money while providing their software for free.

According to Microsoft’s Michael Johnson, “With our updated objective criteria, this is going to change. Now, when one of our products detects adware it will immediately stop the program and the user will be notified. The user then has the ability to restore the program if they wish.”

Sure you might argue that it’s the end user’s duty to make sure they are aware of what they’re installing, but sometimes for users that are less tech savvy, a little help from your operating system would definitely go a long way. So, who else is happy that Microsoft is finally going to do something about it?

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