boy-vending-machineA missing child is always a scary thought to have for any parent, and the long arm of the law, too, would pull all the stops just to make sure that both child and parent(s) are reunited at the end of a long search. In Nebraska, a mother called the police after she could not locate her son from her Lincoln home. According to the 24-year old mother, she figured out that her 3-year old son must have gone out of the unlocked apartment unnoticed, while she was in the bathroom. Guess where was the little toddler found in the end? In a coin operated claw machine, that’s where!

Yup, you read that right – the plucky 3-year old, who probably did not know any better, ended up in a coin operated claw machine which was located at Madsen’s Bowling & Billiards. Apparently, employees there called the police after they were alerted by a customer that a young child was stuck inside the machine itself.

The police naturally followed up on that lead, no matter how improbable and zany it might have sounded over the phone, only to find the little one within, where he was oblivious to the world around as he was too happy to play with the stuffed animals within the claw machine. Madsen’s made a call to the company behind this claw machine to free him before he could get hurt. The police would not charge the mother in any way, because she acted as quickly as possible the moment she realized her little one went missing. It does make you wonder, how did he end up in the claw machine in the first place?

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