Motorola-LogoPerhaps back in the good old days, Motorola was leading companies like Samsung, LG, HTC, and Apple in terms of handsets sold. After all the company was one of the earlier entrants in the mobile phone market. However when smartphones started to dominate, it was mainly companies like Samsung and Apple that started to make the headlines.

So how is Motorola faring these days? Well according to Motorola Mobility’s Rick Osterloh, it seems that the company has managed to ship 6.5 million handsets around the world in Q1 2014. Is this a big figure? Well sure to the layman, but if you were to compare Motorola’s figures to other companies, it’s not looking so hot.

For example to put it into perspective, Samsung managed to sell 10 million Galaxy Note 3 handsets in 2 months alone, and 10 million Galaxy S4 units in one month, so if we were to average it out, yes Motorola is a little bit lacking. Granted Motorola does not have the marketing budget or the willingness to spend on advertising as much as Samsung does, not to mention Motorola’s more recent handsets weren’t exactly high-end devices either, which is what customers are looking for.

However in all fairness, Motorola has been making headway with devices like the Moto G, a low-end Android handset which has proven to be quite a success, thanks to its affordability and decent hardware, making it a value for money purchase. Either way we can’t wait to see what Lenovo will be able to do for Motorola once they have been officially acquired.

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