hearthstone-legalWith Diablo 3, Blizzard finally broke into the console market with one of their more mainstream franchises, unless you were to count their failed attempts with StarCraft: Ghost. That being said, was Diablo 3 a gateway game to future console titles? Perhaps, but for now it seems that Diablo 3 is the only game on the cards because according to Blizzard, they have announced that they will not be bringing Hearthstone onto the console.

For those unfamiliar, Hearthstone is a digital card game designed by Blizzard based on the Warcraft universe. The game had recently launched on the iPad and we guess some were wondering if it would ever make its way onto consoles. Speaking to the folks at Eurogamer, Blizzard stated that there are no plans to bring Hearthstone onto the console at the moment as they are currently focused on developing the Android version.

This is according to the game’s production director, Jason Chayes, who said, “The idea of getting it onto console has come up from players. It’s not something we’re actually looking at right now. We feel like we have our hands full in the short term with getting onto Android as soon as we can, which is kind of one of the big priorities we’re looking at right now.”

Chayes also stated that this does not mean that a console version is out of the question, but rather it’s a topic that they plan on revisiting in the future, once the Android version has been released and if there is enough interest from gamers for them to proceed with the idea. “If getting Hearthstone onto console is something there’s a huge interest in, then we’d love to hear about that so it’s something we can be thinking about.”

So far Hearthstone has proven itself to be a pretty popular game, which we guess is largely thanks to its free-to-play nature. Many gamers have also begun to live stream themselves playing the game on Twitch, so with the popularity and attention the game is getting, we wouldn’t be surprised if gamers started asking Blizzard for a console version, but what do you guys think?

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