StatusBadges_710The downside to using Windows Phone devices is that there is a lack of apps compared to iOS and Android. Of course we can say that 150,000 apps is a pretty big deal, but when you compare it against iOS and Android who number over half a million, that’s pretty insignificant.

One could also argue that we don’t need that many apps, but sometimes variety is nice, not to mention a lot of big name companies tend to release their apps on iOS and Android first, followed by Windows Phone if at all.

Well it seems that Nokia is trying their best to attract developers onto the platform with their developer outreach program, DVLUP. The program has been around for a while now but it looks like Nokia has recently announced a new system in which it will offer more incentives and rewards to their most loyal and most successful app makers.

The program is called DVLUP Status and will introduce 3 levels of badges : Specialist, Expert, and Legend (bronze, silver, and gold respectively). Depending on which badge the developer earns, they will be granted rewards and elite privileges.

According to Nokia, the Specialist will earn 10% discount on select rewards and campaigns, Expert will gain a 25% discount, while those who have the Legend status will earn a 35% discount on select rewards and campaigns. It sounds like an interesting way to reward developers as well as potentially attract new ones, although we guess we’ll have to wait and see if it pans out for Nokia and the Windows Phone ecosystem.

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