nokia-icon-review-018As we had reported earlier, the sale of Nokia to Microsoft has been officially completed. This truly marks the end of an era, or does it? We know that Microsoft intends to rename Nokia to Microsoft Mobile which is understandable since they probably want to have their own brand on things, but according to a tweet by Nokia’s Twitter account, it seems that the Nokia brand is here to stay, at least for a while.

When asked by a fan as to whether future Lumia handsets will be simply be known as Lumia devices or have the Microsoft brand in front of it, Nokia responded in the affirmative by saying that the Nokia brand will remain on Lumia devices. They state that Microsoft has licensed the Nokia brand and will be using it on both Lumia and Asha handsets, where previously it was thought to only apply to the Asha lineup.

Maybe Nokia’s social media manager did not get the message or perhaps there was some aspect of the deal that we did not know of, but it looks like Microsoft could still be using Nokia’s brand to help leverage their products. After all Nokia is a pretty big name when it comes to mobile devices, their name alone conjuring images of both Lumia phones and feature phones from back in the day.

We’re not sure when Microsoft will officially transition to the Microsoft Mobile brand, but since the Redmond company has yet to make an announcement, we guess we can still look forward to Nokia-brand handsets for now.

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