Using solar panels to harness the power of the sun is definitely not new at all, and best of all is, you do not need any kind of direct sunlight for it to work. Well, new technology is constantly being researched and developed to increase the efficiency levels of a solar panel, not to mention make them a whole lot more robust as well as giving them the ability to withstand abuse. Nokia too, intends to look more into sustainability initiatives, and in the video that you can view above, Nokia’s “Solar Energy Suit” might be able to keep your smartphone juiced throughout the entire day.

Of course, this is still extremely early in its research and development phase, but to be able to keep a Lumia 1520 handset fully charged all day long with indoor light is not an achievement to be sneezed at. Imagine the future where you will not need to remember to plug in a charger to charge your handset at the end of the day, and it would also mean one less power adapter to carry around whenever you go traveling into a foreign country.

I suppose it would be rather weird to wear the solar panel suit of armor all day long, but hopefully advancements in the future will not make wearing one of these to be a social faux pas.

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