image_thumb55For the most part, governments around the world have approved the Microsoft-Nokia deal, save for India in which they are having a dispute with Nokia at the moment regarding taxes. To help the deal move forward, Nokia has decided to forgo the inclusion of their factory in Chennai which would have been transferred over to Microsoft if everything had gone to plan.

Now the good news is that Nokia will not be forsaking their workers in India and have recently announced that they will be providing redundancy packages to their workers. At the moment Nokia’s Chennai factory employs about 6,600 full-time employees and according to Nokia, all of them will qualify for these redundancy packages.

In a statement released by Nokia, “As a responsible employer, Nokia is offering a clear financial option for interested factory employees.” We’re sure both Nokia and Microsoft can’t be too happy about giving up the factory, especially since the factory in India is one of Nokia’s biggest and is responsible for making many handsets.

Nokia employees at the factory have also recently staged a hunger strike in order to draw the attention of the Indian government as to what might happen if the factory isn’t transferred, which could lead to the loss of jobs. However with this move by Nokia, perhaps not everything will be so doom and gloom after all.

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