Fans of the Star Trek universe, heads up! Literally, of course, since here we are with something from the Oculus Rift that might make you get lost for hours on end as you explore the bridge of the USS Voyager from the Star Trek series. Just to recap, the Oculus Rift happens to be a virtual reality headset that is being developed at the moment, enabling gamers to be able to immerse themselves in their favorite games, being in the virtual world for an enhanced gameplay experience. I would suppose it is not too much different from what most modern day city folk do these days – walk and drive around while looking at their smartphones, communicating on tablet over the dining table without carrying out a real world conversation with those around.

The Oculus Rift would be able to up the ante even further, and the USS Voyager bridge program is the brainchild of a certain Thomas Kadlec. Kadlec shared, “I’m a huge Oculus Rift fan, Star Trek fan, and Unreal Engine 4 [software framework for the development of video games] fan.So I just figured I’d mix those all together!”

This particular USS Voyager bridge demo enables one to “walk around a fairly accurate recreation of the Voyager’s bridge … [staring] out into space as you whiz past distant stars.” It would be cool if there was a segment programmed within, as your ship gets attacked halfway and you would need to respond by issuing commands from the bridge itself.

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