office for ipad powerpointEarlier when Office for iPad was launched, one of the features that many noticed were missing was its ability to print directly from the iPad app itself. According to Microsoft, a rather vague statement seemed to suggest that printing would be arriving at a later date and this was confirmed during a recent Reddit AMA that the Office for iPad team did.

According to the team, it was confirmed that printing is a feature that will be introduced to the app in the future. This was revealed by Sangeeta Mudnal, the group program manager for Excel, who wrote, “Print is a high demand feature that we intend to introduce in due course.”

Unfortunately there was no mention of a date as to when we might be able to expect the feature, but we’re hoping it won’t take too long. Based on the comments left by Redditors, it seems that many weren’t too happy about the lack of ability to print. After all what’s the point of paying for an Office 365 to use an app that you will eventually have to go back to your desktop or laptop to get it sent to the printer for printing, right?

An earlier report also revealed that during the AMA, it was found that the decision to ship Office for iPad was made by Steve Ballmer during his tenure as Microsoft’s CEO. Previously it was believed that the decision to ship Office for iPad was made by Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadell.

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