nokia-lumia-1020-review-3Dedicated camera buttons on smartphones can be handy and can result in more stable images compared to having to press the on-screen shutter button. It also makes the camera feel more “natural” since a physical shutter button and the way it’s held is more familiar, at least for those who have been using cameras for a long time.

Now if there’s one thing that you’ve probably noticed is that Nokia seems to have done away with the need for a dedicated camera button, at least one some of its newer devices. Apparently this is because they are planning on reserving that hardware feature for its higher-end handsets and for future PureView smartphones as well.

This is according to the folks at Gadgethelpline who recently stopped by the Microsoft and Nokia booth at the Gadget Show Live in UK. According to them, “The Power and Volume controls on the right side of the device are the only controls situated on the case, with Nokia telling us that the lack of a dedicated camera button is now a feature of low end handsets, with only the higher ranged Nokia Pureview cameras coming with a dedicated button.”

We’re not sure why Nokia might decide to do this, perhaps it could that they want their high-end phones to stand out more from the lineup, who knows? In the meantime what do you guys think? Are you a little bummed that this feature may no longer show up in low-mid ranged Nokia Lumia devices?

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