oppo lens 3A while back Sony unveiled an interesting smartphone accessory in the form of the lens camera. Yes, you read that right, it’s not a camera lens, but rather a lens camera. The difference is that the camera itself is built into the lens which is then attached to a smartphone, meaning that it will allow the user to take higher quality photos, at least better than what their phones were capable of.

However it seems that Sony could be getting some competition by Oppo, thanks to a recent photo (via GizChina) that was leaked that reveals Oppo’s own take on the lens camera accessory. The design appears to be the same as what Sony is offering and unsurprisingly it also appears to sport NFC which will presumably allow it to be paired with the smartphone by tapping it together, assuming the smartphone has NFC too, of course.

oppo lens 1The full specs of this accessory by Oppo remains unknown, but so far what we do know, based on the photos, is that it will sport a 10x zoom, feature its own power source (thanks to the power button), and a clip which will be used to attach it to the smartphone in question. Now we’re not sure what kind of compatibility we’re looking at here, but presumably it should be compatible with a multitude of devices, unless Oppo is planning on making it an exclusive.

oppo lens 2No word on when Oppo plans on announcing the device officially or if it will make its way stateside since Oppo tends to keep their releases in the China/Asian region, but you can bet you’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information. In the meantime do you guys think Sony will be pleased about this development?

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