samsung-galaxy-s5-review-012One of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is its fingerprint scanner. Not only can this scanner be used to secure the device, but it can also be used to authorize PayPal payments, making it a cinch to perform payments and transfers without the need to enter a password. Unfortunately for Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S5, the carrier decided to disable the feature for some unknown reason, but thankfully there’s a way to get it working.

According to a post on the XDA Developers forumm a workaround has been discovered that will allow users to activate the feature on their phone, although we should note that this is an unofficial method so do proceed with caution. There are a couple of steps involved, all of which appear to be pretty straightforward and you don’t really need to be particularly tech savvy in order to get it up and running.

The trick behind the method is to access a hidden Samsung apps store and install the PayPal app and the NNL Fingerprint Passport service, which will then allow you to proceed to register your fingerprint to use with PayPal. Like we said this is unofficial and given that PayPal involves money, we suggest you might want to be a bit careful going about it.

Once again we’re not sure why Verizon has decided to disable fingerprint authorization for PayPal but if you really want the feature, then perhaps this workaround could be worth checking out.

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