apple_logo2Due to Apple and Samsung unable to come to an agreement with one another and settling their ongoing lawsuit, both companies are back in the courtrooms once again. Apple’s chief of marketing is the Cupertino company’s first witness and has recently taken the stand where he provided testimony against Samsung.

According to Schiller, he has expressed how Samsung’s alleged copying of their products has led to the public questioning Apple’s ability to innovate. “I believe it has caused damage for Apple in the marketplace. It has caused people to question some of the innovations we’ve created and Apple’s role as the innovator. That challenge is made harder in the copying.”

For those who are hearing about this for the first time, Apple and Samsung are back in the courts and this time round it involves seven patents in this particular court case. The patents in question includes unlocking touchscreen using gestures, autocorrect, retrieving data sought by users, performing actions based on the data, and so on.

An earlier report by Samsung’s attorney suggested that Apple was worried about Samsung’s marketing tactics against them, and that it drove them “crazy”. Apple is currently asking for damages at $40 for every device that allegedly infringed upon those patents which could end up being a lot more expensive than what Samsung had to pay Apple before.

We’re not sure how long this new patent battle will last but given the previous battles, it’s safe to say that it will probably go on for quite a while.

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