xboxonecontrWhile the console wars is far from over, so far it seems that the Sony PlayStation 4 is currently leading the Microsoft Xbox One in terms of sales, at least to date. However given that both consoles are about half a year old, we reckon that it’s still a bit too early to tell which console will ultimately “win” at the end of the day.

Perhaps both consoles need more game and more exclusives and mature before we can really see the difference, but in the meantime Microsoft’s Phil Spencer admits that there is more that Microsoft needs to do. This was acknowledged by the man himself on Twitter where he responded to a fan by saying, “Definitely in to win. We need to do more, that’s 100% of my focus.”

Given that Phil Spencer has recently taken over the Xbox division, we expect that he is more committed than ever to making Microsoft’s latest console a success. We’re not sure what more can Microsoft do – perhaps a price drop might encourage higher adoption rates (it is about $100 more than a PS4). Perhaps the console needs more exclusive games as well.

Titanfall is currently the latest exclusive for the Xbox platform (and the PC) and while the game did help to boost Xbox One sales in some parts of the world, we guess it wasn’t enough to beat out Sony’s 7 million sales. What do you guys think? What should Microsoft do to help encourage adoption?

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