philips-lifelinePhilips’ HomeSafe Wireless System offers yet another advantage for those who are interested – access to Lifeline, which happens to be Philips’ leading medical alert service, targeting families who do not happen to have a home phone line. With the new HomeSafe system, it will make use of a wireless communicator which will hook up users to Philips’ 24-hour emergency response center, hence doing away with the need for a landline, all the while giving seniors and their families a peace of mind knowing that they are able to access help as and when required. The HomeSafe Wireless system comprises of the standard Lifeline service, in addition to the Lifeline service with AutoAlert that will automatically place a call for help should it detect a fall.


Considering how 13 million seniors are estimated to suffer a fall this year alone, and out of that figure, half of them are unable to get up on their own, the HomeSafe wireless system with the AutoAlert option does seem to be a no-brainer as you can never quite tell just when the next fall is going to happen. This new wireless communicator will target those who are looking for proven fall detection yet don’t have a landline in their homes.

Installation ought to be a snap for seniors, where there is built-in guidance on the best location to place the wireless communicator so that it will be able to fit within the current design of the home. A back-up battery offers up to 24 hours of support just in case there is a power outage. [Press Release]

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