pocketbook-ultraOne of the most recent releases from the folks over at PocketBook happen to be the PocketBook 640, where it happens to be a water-resistant device that could come in handy during those rough and tumble moments in life. Well, PocketBook is back at it again, where this time around, they have come up with the PocketBook Ultra, having been spotted first in product listings on German retail websites with the very real possibility of launching some time at the end of this month.

What makes the Pocketbook Ultra very different from all of the other PocketBooks that have been released in the past would be this – the inclusion of a rear facing camera in addition to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, in addition to a Carta E-ink screen, that is rather rare among e-book models. The Kindle Paperwhite and Tolino Vision happen to be another two devices that use such a screen.

Expect the PocketBook Ultra to arrive in a shade of green with a recommended retail price of 199 Euros thereabouts. I don’t know about you – would you prefer to remain with a tablet instead of using an e-book reader to get your digital reading done, or would you want to tote a pair of these almost similar devices, separating their functions. [Translated Page]

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