gplusSo apparently not only is Google working on a redesign for its app icons, but apparently they are also working on a redesign of the Google+ app for Android. This is thanks to a sighting by a Google+ user, Yoel Kaseb, who managed to get his hands on a handful of screenshots of the alleged redesign, although in the process it seems that he has managed to get himself locked out of the APK by Google, thus lending some credibility to his find.

Based on what we can see, it seems like Google has changed the color of the action bar, giving it a red finish, which is a nice contrast to Gmail’s blue action bar and the Calender app’s purple finish. This seems to be in line with Google’s design language so once again, it is possible that the screenshots we are seeing are the real deal. The screenshots also shows off a red overlay when accessing the menu by the side, which we guess is meant to prevent the main content from distracting from the side menu.

Posting a status has changed as well and a window will pop up as opposed to taking users to a separate page. We’re not sure how recent this Google+ app build is, or in what stage of its development that it is in at the moment, so there is a good chance that Google could be changing its design ahead of its release.

The redesign of the app also hints at the rumors we have been hearing about Project Hera, a project worked on by Google that is meant to unify Google’s products and services, both on the web and mobile, and that some of the Google Now cards will be color-coded by their action bars, like what we’re seeing in the screenshots. There’s no way of telling how real any of this is, but with Google I/O taking place in June, perhaps Google will reveal more details then.

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