amputee-painBeing an amputee is definitely no fun at all, where they suffer from phantom pains as well as having to go through the discomfort of rubbing the amputated section against artificial limbs, resulting in dangerous sores in some cases. Researchers have come together to work on a new kind of pressure sensor that has been called a “second skin”, where it is hoped that it will be able to prevent dangerous sores.

This research work done by Southampton University will target other groups who might be at risk, including wheelchair-bound users and those who remain confined to bed, should it eventually end up as successful. Should all things go according to clockwork, then this new technology could see action among NHS (National Health Service) patients in a matter of three years.

While using pressure sensors are not new, this Medical Research Council-backed project is different from all current models or implementations since it is capable of detecting rubbing in addition to downward pressure, making it handy to detect sores at an earlier stage. The sensor itself is thin and flexible, being roughly the size of a postage stamp, and will be taped to a liner which in turn is placed in the socket that connects the stump and the artificial limb.

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