samsung-sbb-clockSamsung has inked a deal with Swiss Federal Railways recently, and just in case Swiss Federal Railways seem familiar to you, that is because this happens to be the organization that was not too happy at Apple for copying one of their iconic clock designs a couple of years ago. To see Samsung, who is in some legal tussle with Apple themselves, work out a contract with Swiss Federal Railways could be sensationalized by some to be an indirect dig in the direction of Apple.

Apparently, Samsung claimed that they had already arrived at a deal with Swiss Federal Railways earlier this month in order to supply them with 30,000 phones and tablets. Otherwise known as the SBB, Swiss Federal Railways claimed that Samsung did give them an offer that they could not refuse.

It was a couple of years ago after iOS 6 from Apple debuted, where Swiss Federal Railways pointed fingers in Apple’s direction that they “stole” their iconic clock face design which was created in 1944 by Swiss engineer Hans Hilfiker. Until now, the clock is the property of SBB, and remains in use at train stations run by Swiss Federal Railways. Eventually, Apple forked out $21 million to SBB late that year so that they can license the clock design.

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