samsung-k-inviteWe have been hearing rumors that Samsung could be working on a Galaxy S5 variant called the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom, or at least that’s what the rumors are calling it. At the same time there are also rumors that refers to the device as the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, and thanks to a recent invite that Samsung has posted on Twitter, it looks like the Galaxy K Zoom could be very real.

According to the invite, Samsung is planning on making some kind of announcement in Singapore on the 29th of April at the red Dot Design Museum at 11am (which is around 8pm PDT for those who might be interested in checking it out). While Samsung’s invite does not mention what exactly will be revealed, the slogan reads “Kapture The Moment”, suggesting that we could be looking at a camera-related announcement.

The “K” in “Kapture” also hints and corroborates claims of the device being known as the Galaxy K Zoom, or the Galaxy K, or K Zoom, or whatever Samsung plans on calling it. Also the “K” image in the invite also seems to reveal the design of the device, or at least part of it, which we have to say looks like a camera lens.

In the meantime we have to wonder if there is demand for such a device. After all Samsung attempted a similar device with the Galaxy S4  Zoom and while it was an interesting device, we’re not sure if it could be considered a resounding success that warrants a successor. In any case we guess we’ll just have to wait until the 29th of April to find out more, so check back with us then for the details.

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