new_samsung_cards-550x225Some of us probably don’t think too much about it, but the type of memory card that you use in your camera, smartphone, or tablet really matters. For example certain brands might be slower but cheaper, while others are faster but more expensive. Some are also more durable and offer security features, while others are cheap and just offer the user storage space.

That being said, if you’re after a microSD or an SD card for your camera or mobile device, Samsung has you covered as the South Korean tech giant has recently unveiled a new memory card lineup that will be available in Samsung’s PRO, EVO, and Standard categories, depending on what you need it for and if you can justify the price difference.

For those who want something more performance orientated, the PRO and EVO lineup might be for you. Featuring support for UHS-I Grade 1 level performance, these cards will offer read speeds of up to 90MB/s and 48MB/s respectively.

Both lineups will also be able to survive immersion in seawater for up to 24 hours, in the event you drop your camera/phone in the pool or at the beach in seawater. It will also be able to ensure temperatures as low as -13F to 185F, so for those of you who will be in cold/hot environments, you can rest assured that your memory card will continue to function (your device on the other hand is a different story).

Pricing of Samsung’s new SD and microSD cards have yet to be revealed, but they will be on show at the Gadget Show this week so hopefully more details regarding pricing and availability will be revealed then.

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