youtube-new-logoThe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not a country that anyone can simply drop by, and we have heard of stories on how strict the country is when it comes to conservative traditionalism. Well, it will not be the first country in the world that will have a beef to pick against the trio of nudity, sex and alcohol, as it seems as though Saudi Arabia is moving to regulate local YouTube content with regard to the three aforementioned areas.

This move comes about after a rapid explosion of news, satire and comedy has transformed Saudi Arabia into one of the biggest per-capita global consumers of YouTube, now how about that? Apparently, there are three times as many more YouTube viewers in Saudi Arabia as opposed to the number of US YouTube viewers.

I suppose part of it has to do with the government-backed mass media that has not introduced an adequate amount of content which caters to the expanding number of young people living in the kingdom There are only some Arabic shows which are produced in Saudi Arabia by online content creators, although the popularity of YouTube has raised the alarm bells of Saudi authorities who intend to regulate all kinds of audiovisual media.

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