oscar-selfieI am quite sure that at one point or another in your life, you would have most probably snapped a photo of yourself, where it is otherwise known as a selfie, getting into trouble every now and then. Now, selfies are fine and dandy when it is just you, but try not to ruffle feathers by posing with your country’s leader next to you. Researchers at the University of Strathclyde, Ohio University and University of Iowa surveyed 881 female college students in the US, where the ladies were asked to answer some questions concerning their Facebook usage pattern, exercise as well as eating regimes, and one’s body image. Basically, the research suggests that if you spend plenty of time on Facebook to ogle and your friends’ photos, it has a high tendency of letting the ladies feel insecure about how they look like in the eyes of others.

Apparently, since selfies are so popular in online culture at the moment, the higher the number of times that women are exposed to “selfies” and other photos, it might actually lead them to be too harsh on themselves, and looking on at themselves in a negative light. UK and US experts also shared that your friends’ photos might be more influential compared to celebrity shots simply because you do have a friendship or deeper relationship with them under your known contacts.

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