iStrategyLabs might have struck gold with their latest invention that actually captures selfies. Yes sir, this particular device is known as the Self Enhancing Live Feed Imagine Engine, or SELFIE in short – you see what they did there? The SELFIE happens to be a two way mirror that runs on a Mac mini, and whenever it detects a smile for a couple of seconds, it will then snap a photo of yourself. It does seem as though iStrategyLabs see plenty of potential in the SELFIE mirror to be installed in public premises such as bars.

American digital agency iStrategyLabs’ Chief Marketing Officer DJ Saul shared, ‘We had some funny things like it would locate a smile on the side of your head, so we played around until we were comfortable. We also considered photos being triggered by a wink, but we went with a smile as it fit with the narrative a bit more for a smiling selfie.” That sounds about right, and it is rather unfortunate that the company has yet to pencil out plans in order to make it commercially available.

The Mac mini computer that powers SELFIE will run a facial recognition software known as Open CV. The webcam will be able to detect a smile, where LEDs controlled by Arduino will then light up vertically on the mirror to indicate that it is about to snap your photo, where after that, a tweet with your image is created.

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