xbox-1-3For those of you out there who love to use Skype across numerous platforms, even on a console like the Xbox One, here is news for you – Skype has announced that there will be an update to Skype for Xbox One rolling out some time next week, although the exact date has not been determined yet. This upcoming update would see Skype for Xbox One bumped up to version 1.3, where it will arrive with a slew of improvements (which ought to be expected with any update), including the camera auto zoom feature for video chats.

Skype mentioned, “We found ways to better identify people in the picture, especially when there are multiple people in the room. The camera can adjust and see the entire family, even the little ones.” Apart from that, the app will also enable Skype users on the Xbox One to capture a new profile picture using the included camera on the console’s Kinect, now how about that? In addition, the Skype app will also support the use of one’s Xbox Live gamer pic as their Skype profile picture too if that is what you prefer.

As for whether Skype for Xbox One will enter Snap mode on the right hand side so that one can handle a video call while continue playing their game in the main window will be seen remains to be seen, although you can be sure that this is one particular feature that many would look forward to. [Press Release]

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