bg defocusWhen it comes to pushing out Android updates, sometimes it can take a while for OEMs to put everything together, test it, before rolling it out in batches. The wait is even longer when it has to pass through carriers for approval, which is frankly one of the disadvantages to the Android platform.

However OEMs like Sony have taken an interesting route by slowly releasing some of their apps into the Google Play Store, which means that if and when the company has plans to or needs to update an app, they can do so through the Google Play Store as a regular app update, as opposed to pushing out updates OTA.

The latest app by Sony to make its way onto Google Play is the background defocus camera app. For those unfamiliar, the app basically blurs the background which helps to bring focus onto the subject itself and creates a shallow depth of field, an effect that you would typically need a proper camera and camera lens in order to achieve.

It should be noted that the background defocus app is limited to Sony Xperia devices that are running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or higher, so if you’re using an older Sony phone or don’t have a Sony phone at all, then you’d be out of luck, although we expect that there are plenty of viable alternatives out there.

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