ps4-surveySometimes when a company sends out a survey, it can be pretty interesting as it gives us an insight as to what sort of ideas a company might have or where it could be headed in the future. Well thanks to a recent survey Sony has sent to PlayStation 4 owners (via VGXNetwork), it seems that we have been given a small insight into some of the features Sony could be considering for the PS4.

While the survey is in no way confirming that these are features Sony will be bringing to the table, at the very least we know that Sony could be considering some of them and that the results of the survey could be used as a gauge to measure interest.

Going back to the survey, some of the questions asked includes the suggestion of cross-platform chat with PlayStation 3 or PS Vita users. This can come in handy if all three platforms shared the same game. There are also features like advanced matchmaking that would pair gamers with other gamers of similar skill level or preference.

The survey also mentions something about a reputation system where gamers can be ranked depending on their reputation which sounds similar to Microsoft’s Xbox reputation system, where players who are nice and are good sports get good ranks, while those who spew offensive words and are otherwise trollish get a bad rep, thus letting other gamers know that they should probably stay away from them.

Once again like we said, there’s no guarantee that these features will make it into the PlayStation 4, but what do you guys think? Any of the features listed in the survey are of interest to you?

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