call-of-duty-ghosts-wolf-dlcIt was the classic case of sour grapes, where a Call of Duty player was rather downcast and disappointed at losing a match, that he actually called in the SWAT team on his opponent. After the call, Long Island police who took it seriously dispatched with some helicopters and emergency vehicles to the particular supplied address. Much to their surprise (and a certain degree of annoyance, I would presume), it turned out to be a hoax after all.


I say, this is definitely one of the more extreme examples on how one deals with defeat in a videogame badly. Apparently, the prankster made the phone call over Skype, telling the authorities that he was 17-year old Rafael Castillo, of Long Beach, NY. He also allegedly mentioned that he had “just killed my mother and I might shoot more people,” while providing them with Castillo’s address.

Imagine Castillo’s surprise (and shock, one can surmise) when those presumed to be SWAT members dropped by unannounced. Castillo’s mother, who was in the kitchen then, came out from the situation unscratched, although one might be able to imagine the shock that she went through. The hoaxer’s identity and whereabouts remain unknown, although the police have been working to track down the prankster.

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