speedHave you watched the movie Speed before? You know, the one where Keanue Reeves and Sandra Bullock had to save the world while they are on a speeding bus that is plunging its way to death and destruction. Well, if you want to watch the movie, albeit in a novel manner, how about checking it out on Twitter?

Yes sir, ‘Speed’ on Twitter sounds just about crazy, but apparently it has been done, thanks to a Twitter account created by freelance web developer Michaela McCann. This particular account will help you play catch you with the 1990s action classic, albeit doing so one snippet at a time. Since April 20th, @Speed_1994 has begun to tweet the movie – and by that, we mean every single line in the movie.

The Twitter account has already gone through the entire opening sequence, before making its way to the elevator scene that has proved itself to be of utmost importance. Right now, there are slightly more than 300 followers, where @Speed_1994 also follows a few famous faces from the movie. This is definitely not the first time something like that has been done, since the Top Gun movie too, was tweeted earlier in the year although it has already been taken down after Paramount lodged a complain. Hopefully, this version of Speed will not end up in a similar ‘accident’.

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