square-googleIt seems that mobile payments will continue to move forward and gain momentum from year to year – which is not surprising, considering the explosive growth of mobile devices over the past few years, in addition to the proliferation of online services such as online banking and the ilk. Well, Square happens to be one of the players in the mobile payment market, where its rivals would include Google Wallet, LevelUp, and PayPal, and we have heard that both Apple and Google did mull over purchasing Square at one point in time in the past.

Of course, these happen to be whispers that are been bandied about by the industry, but neither behemoths in the tech world managed to make this particular deal happen. Analysts have had their opportunity to try to figure it out, where they were not sure whether either Google or Apple managed to table a good enough offer. The last round of funding saw Square valued at $5 billion, although it does occupy the minds of many that Square might want to take going public as an exit strategy of sorts. Where do you think Square’s future lies? Will it be in their own hands, or will they be gobbled up along the way with plenty of moolah and stock options?

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