team043When it comes to RPGs, you know that very few companies have the caliber and experience of Square Enix to deliver as and when it matters, and this time around, the same rings true. Apparently, Square Enix has made available a new teaser site to the masses which will concentrate on a new ‘Ranobe-Style’ RPG, which happens to be a term that is used all too commonly to describe episodic book and anime series, or if you were to translate it, it would be ‘Light Novel’.

This particular move happens to follow up on a pledge from Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda who did make mention that Square Enix intends to focus on core gamers as well as the hard core JRPG fans, going back to their roots – which is good news, of course.

It is noted that the site’s URL simply reads ‘team043,’ and it will also include today’s date as well as a cast list. While this is still April Fool’s Day in the US, this does not seem as though it is any kind of joke, so it ought to be treated as the real deal – at least until something else comes up to debunk this particular teaser site and its purposes. Anyone wants to warrant a guess as to what it could be?

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