staples-3dStaples and 3D printing do go back some distance – first of all, they sold select 3D printers in their stores, before they decided to embrace the future of 3D printing even further by selling print-by-mail services in Europe. Fast forward to today, and Staples happens to put on offer a chance for US customers to print out objects on-demand as well as on-site thanks to an in-store 3D printing service, now how about that? The entire 3D printing service’s launch event happened to be centered upon the fun side of 3D printing, where it managed to deal with the likes of action figures as well as personalized Starfleet officers, but all fun and play are not what Staples are looking forward to, since they also hope that this 3D printing service will be able to woo other small businesses owners, too.

Walk-in customers will have access to up to seven kinds of printers as well as half a dozen types of materials in store, where among them include the Cube and Cube X models that are already on sale over at Staples. Those who need to work with larger jobs will see their order outsourced to 3D Systems, which has a decent track record, so to speak. Just in case you do not have the technical know how or background when it comes to a 3D-printable file, fret not, as Staples too, has made provisions for such a situation as they intend to train graphic design consultants so that customers can model their vision. Too bad there are no pricing details for the services to date, but we hope it will not be too expensive when announced.

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