Super-Smash-Bros-No-CutscenesSo we heard that Super Smash Bros. will be making its way onto the Nintendo 3DS later this year in summer, followed by a Wii U release later in winter. Given that game is designed to be a multiplayer game, safe to say that Nintendo has foreseen that gamers will run into trolls and griefers who will do everything in their power to make the game un-fun for you.

Thankfully Nintendo has thought this through and have come up with a list of rules that will result in gamers getting banned if they break any of them. This was revealed during the Nintendo Direct presentation and some of the things that gamers can do to get banned includes starting a game and not playing, essentially wasting everyone’s time; relentless targeting of an individual which we guess can be attributed to harassment and bullying; frequent self-destructs; frequent dropping which is also a waste of time; and last but not least, cheating.

We’re not sure what kind of cheats the game has since it has yet to be released, but presumably this could also cover the exploitation of bugs in the game and on certain characters that might give players a slight edge over the competition. Of course these rules don’t apply to local multiplayer games so you might want to think carefully of who you invite over for a game of Super Smash Bros.!

In fact this sounds a bit like Microsoft’s reputation system that they’re implementing for the Xbox One. Basically bad players are punished while good players are rewarded. Some of these can’t be helped, like dropping from games since it could be due to a bad connection, so hopefully Nintendo and whoever’s behind the banhammer will be able to distinguish between legitimate drops and players who drop out of games on purpose.

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