When one talks about Final Fantasy, we would most probably think about the RPG (Role Playing Games) genre, without ever seeing how the Final Fantasy franchise can evolve into something else. Well, apparently it can – with a little bit of tinkering and creativity, of course. Square Enix has just announced that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, the sequel to the 2012 rhythm action title that takes its cues from various scenes from the Final Fantasy series, will arrive on the Nintendo 3DS in Europe later this year.

The Nintendo 3DS is the ideal platform for a rhythm action game, as one could see how Elite Beat Agents kicked off that craze and made it mainstream on the Nintendo DS all those years ago In Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, one’s eyes would be treated to an extremely adorable art style, not to mention new game modes and more than 200 songs in total – which would mean that there are three times the number of songs for you to jive to as opposed to the original.

There will be 60 characters from the series that will appear in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, with various scenes taken from the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, Lightning Returns, and A Realm Reborn among others.

As for the two new game modes, they would be Quest Medley that will enable players to alternate between playing FMS (Field Music Sequence) and BMS (Battle Music Sequence) games, while Versus BMS mode would allow players to challenge and compete against one another. [Press Release]

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