titanfall_screen_1Good news Titanfall players, if you have completed the game or if you’re itching for new content, you might be pleased to learn that Respawn Entertainment has recently confirmed at PAX East that the first Titanfall DLC will be released this May.

The DLC will be titled “Titanfall Expedition” and will be a paid map pack that will be arriving on all platforms, meaning that PC gamers, Xbox One gamers, and even Xbox 360 gamers will be able to look forward to getting their hands on it when it is released. Given that the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall was not developed by Respawn, we guess this is good that they aren’t left out of DLCs, or at least have their DLCs delayed.

According to Respawn, the Expedition DLC will include three new maps for players to explore. Interestingly enough not all of them will be set in urban areas. In fact one of the maps will feature trees that players will be able to wall-run off (or should we say tree-run?). The maps are “Swampland”, “Runoff”, and “War Games”.

Unfortunately no specific dates for the DLC was mentioned, but given that we’re halfway through April, hopefully Respawn will be able to provide gamers with a specific game soon. In the meantime who else is looking forward to the Expedition DLC pack? Or were you hoping for something more?

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