twitter-turkeyTurkey and Twitter has had a roller coaster relationship in the past month, with the government there laying the banhammer on Twitter, before it was asked to unblock the service. What is the latest development on the situation? Twitter will apparently close some accounts in Turkey, and they will not set up an office there at the moment despite the government wishing otherwise, at least according to a senior Turkish official after they conducted talks that concerned a dispute which saw the Turkish government ban Twitter for a fortnight.

Twitter was not the only victim to fall under Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s government last month, as YouTube too, was in the same boat as Twitter. That move drew international condemnation, and it was 11 days ago that the Twitter block was lifted, although YouTube remains blocked in that part of the world. Several accounts that Turkey was not too happy with will be closed, and it remains to be seen whether Twitter would open an office tehre, or fork out money for Turkish tax, which happens to be two main requests from the Turkish government.

The Turkish government official shared, “The two sides understood each other fully after the presentations, and a decision was made to establish a system for cooperation in the future. Some accounts will be closed. At this stage Twitter will not immediately establish a company but the necessary communication will be established via lawyers in Istanbul.”

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