twitch-streamingWhich do you think would be able to draw a larger audience – sport, news, or video games? The answer might surprise you, as a new report seems to point to Twitch as having a larger pull factor compared to the likes of sport, news and other general streaming channels. Qwilt‘s analytics claims that Twitch commands more than 43% of the total livestream audience in the world at this point in time.

For folks living in the U.S., entertainment wrestling action WWE happens to be in second place, which would rank it a wee bit ahead of Ustream, while the likes of ESPN, CNN and Skynews remain further down the pack. Around the globe, Twitch happens to be in the top five entertainment sides across numerous countries.

Quilt also mentioned that gaming streams has managed to carve a niche for itself, having attracted 71 million views in 2014 so far. On the Twitch platform, to be more specific, 58% of users would spend over 20 hours every single week to viewstreams, hitting an average of an hour and 46 minutes each per day.

Twitch themselves tout that they enjoy 45 million unique viewers each month in the last year alone, and happens to wear the crown of being the most popular gaming site worldwide in terms of traffic.

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