twitter-maliciousIt seems that Twitter, the popular online service that lets you share a message in 140 characters or less to the rest of the world, has been hit by a massive wave of malicious messages. These messages were sent by hundreds of accounts that mention about dramatic weight loss as well as offering a link to a similar site that suspiciously pedals diet pills. When one has fallen to the temptation of clicking on one of those messages, they would be on the receiving end of a warning as seen above instead.

It seems that this is the result of hundreds of Twitter accounts that have been hijacked earlier today in order to create this particular tsunami of malicious messages. The attack has apparently kicked off at approximately 2 p.m. PT, where some of the messages read “If I didn’t try this my life wouldn’t have changed.” The accompanying link would then lead one to a Women’s Health magazine spoof site that promotes a “miracle pill” that will target those who would want to shed some flab around the waist.

It remains to be seen whether the page has the intention to install malware or to perform some other nefarious task, although thankfully for the rest of the world, Twitter has decided not to take any chances, issuing a warning to readers that the link already carries a potentially harmful flag. As for the source of the attack, it remains unknown, but it does seem to be related to security breaches at third-party sites and apps.

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