Twitter needs to generate revenue, and the best way it can do that is by showing ads to its hundreds of millions of users. Now its highly unlikely that the micro-blogging network will start displaying top banner ads on the website, it will have to come up with ad products that don’t have a negative effect on user experience but still bring in the money. So far its most used ad products include promoted accounts, tweets and trends, but if a new WSJ report is to be believed, Twitter actually has 15 types of new ad products that it will launch over the next six months.

Citing people familiar with the company’s plans, the report claims that the first batch of these new ad products will be released in a few weeks. The batch will include a product that will entice users to download apps through Twitter. Apparently the company is trying to tap into demand for ads to download apps, and its trying to squeeze advertising dollars out of mobile game developers specifically.

Twitter is now a public company, and analysts hold the view that it needs to post a profit to justify the current market capital, which goes north of $26 billion. The company has never posted a profit, despite the fact that its ad revenue more than doubled in the fourth quarter, reaching $219.6 million.

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