steam-greenlightBefore MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, EVE Online, and so on, there were titles like Ultimate Online, Everquest, and Dark Age of Camelot, some of the more classic MMORPGs from back in the day. Heck, Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot are still up and running and it seems that both games have recently made an appearance on Steam Greenlight.

Both games have been taken over by Broadsword Online Games and the listing on Greenlight was spotted a month after the takeover, suggesting that Broadsword Online Game had something to do with it. Assuming that both titles are approved, the games would be free to download via Steam, although we should note that both games do with a subscription fee so unless you plan on paying for it, you’d be out of luck.

However both games will come with a 14-day trial period so thankfully gamers will be able to test the games out for a while to decide if they want to pay for it. Like we said both games are very old. Ultima Online was launched in 1997 while Dark Age of Camelot launched in 2001. They are considered to be classics and they don’t exactly have the best graphics, although admittedly there is something very endearing about them.

Both games definitely have their appeal, especially to old school gamers and RPG fans who might not necessarily enjoy all the theorycrafting and number crunching that seems to be prevalent in games today. Either way there’s no word on its release yet but we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more info.

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