vzw-free-tabletT-Mobile the Uncarrier certainly made waves earlier this week with the announcement of Operation Tablet Freedom, where this new tablet plan would offer 1GB of free data for tablets which rock to T-Mobile’s network. Well, it seems that Verizon Wireless does not want to miss out on this bandwagon, where they have just announced via Twitter that whenever any of their customers activate a cellular-enabled tablet on a 1GB or higher More Everything plan, those very same subscribers will be on the receiving end of an additional GB of data – and this offer will continue for as long as they ensure that said tablet remains active.

How does this particular deal sound to you? It is enough to help you make that purchase decision, especially when it comes to choosing a cellular tablet from Verizon? One GB happens to be more than enough if you happen to check and reply emails on your tablet, while dealing with social network updates, tweets and instant messaging, but it is not going to cut the mustard if you are into heavy duty video streaming and downloads. There is no date set on the end of this particular promotion, so for those who want to play the role of an early bird, it would work to your advantage to grab the proverbial worm.

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