Just when you were wondering about the next evolution of video game controllers, along comes engineers over at Stanford University who have come up with a modified video game controller which is capable of actually reading a player’s emotions, and then follow that reading up with an appropriate reaction. Sounds uncanny, doesn’t it? This particular controller enhancement happens to be a prototype at this point in time, where it has been fitted on the back of an Xbox 360 controller that will keep track of pulse and respiration rates of players.

These unique biometric readings will be able to let the controller figure out the approximate level of air that goes in and out of players’ lungs, which will be a good indication of their bodies’ reaction to events that happen within the game itself.

The whole exercise behind this move? The group of Stanford engineers intend to have the game be more responsive and reactive to the player’s emotion at that point in time, changing the reaction of the game itself. For instance, if one were to play a shoot ‘em up and the heart rate is too slow for the game developer’s comfort, then throwing in more enemies that fire crazy patterns of bullets might just spruce things up a wee bit.

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