violent-video-games-pollIf you grew up playing games, chances are you have heard your parents nag and scold you for playing too much of it. There is also a good chance that if your grades slip or you did not do as well as you expected, your parents might blame video games as being the reason you aren’t doing so well in school.

Perhaps it might be too late for some of us, but for teens who enjoy video games, you might be interested to learn that a recent study conducted by researchers at the Flinders University in South Australia have found that video games do not negatively impact the academic performance of adolescents.

According to one of the researchers, Dr. Aaron Drummond, their research found that there was a small reduction in reading scores, but that impact was considered negligible. “Essentially it was not a large enough decline to be considered a problem.” He later adds, “There hadn’t been any comprehensive examination on whether or not there was a relationship between playing video games for adolescents and their performance at school. There seemed to be a lot of negative associations, but not enough evidence.”

Their research is based on the analysis of data from more than 192,000 students from 22 countries around the world and data from participants in the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment. It’s an interesting but what do you guys think? Are you in agreement with their findings?

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